Olgiate Olona (VA), 7 November 2017 – Sebigas recently signed a contract for the supply of its first OFMSW biogas plant for Maserati Energia Srl, historic Italian company active in the organic waste collection. Sebigas plant is specifically designed for the energetic valorisation of the organic waste treated in the Sarmato (PC) plant; it will treat up to 55,000ton/year of organic waste guaranteeing a production of over 600 m3/h of biomethane, 5,300.000 m3 every year. The biomethane produced will then be injected in the SNAM natural gas grid, located near to the plant. Developed in collaboration with a partner leader in the upgrading technology, Sebigas employs a specific cleaning and separation method utilizing a membrane for the conversion of biogas in biomethane. Thanks to the different pressure between the two sides of the hollow fibre membrane, across three different stages, the raw biogas is refined in biomethane, eliminating carbon dioxide, water, oxygen and sulfureted hydrogen. This high-pressure procedure requires a lower compression of the gas before the injection in the grid and makes the management of the plant simpler, improving the ratio between costs and advantages. To further reduce the environmental impact of the plant, Sebigas integrated the plant with a post-treatment technology that requires a series of different stages, starting with the separation of the solid and liquid fraction outcoming from the anaerobic digestion process. The liquid fraction is subject to a purification process (ultrafiltration and inverse osmosis together with an evaporation phase with triple effect for the osmosis concentrate) to obtain a clean and suitable effluent for river discharge. The solid fraction will be sent to the existing composting site to produce quality compost.

“The plant developed for Maserati Energia – says Roberto Salmaso, Deputy General Manager Sebigas – represents one of the first integrated sites for the management, treatment and upgrading of organic waste in Italy and it is an example of a virtuous circular economy replicable for different public and private entities. Thanks to the technological innovations supplied by Sebigas 4,200 tons of oil equivalent will be saved, preventing the production of 9,800 tons of fossil CO2

Sebigas General Manager, Marco Bonvini, declared: “2017 is confirmed to be a year of great success for Sebigas that today counts more the 70 plants located worldwide. Biomethane and OFMSW are the two key words that marked Sebigas goal this year and now we are getting ready to consolidate our position, in line with our values of quality and flexibility, in Italy and abroad, during the coming 2018”

Arch. Paolo Maserati, from Maserati Energia srl added: “Maserati Energia wanted to create a circular economy system that could completely exploit the “resource” waste for the contemporary production of electrical energy and compost, reducing leftovers and management costs. Replacing the cogeneration units with an upgrading system for the production of biomethane represents a further improvement and valorisation of our project. Maserati Energia wants to thank Sebigas for having cooperated with knowledge and reliability in the supply of the upgrading technology and we hope that this first partnership will continue in the future with the development of other projects.”

The plant is already in construction and the start-up is expected within 2018.

This contract signs the entrance of Sebigas in an evolving market, expected to grow further in the coming years. According to the last CIC (Italian consortium or organic waste treatment) report, the OFMSW market is the first sector of waste treatment in Italy with the 43% of the municipal wastes gathered in 2017, growing 10% every year since 2007. Sebigas’s portfolio today counts a total of 76 biogas plants with a consolidate pipeline for the coming triennium of 20 plants all to be supplied to the industrial sector.