Project Development

With the support of the TICA group, SEBIGAS helps its customers in their search for financing, drawing up pre-feasibility studies to support the business plan for their initiatives, and providing a prompt analysis of the return on investment for every project.

SEBIGAS also uses the services of experts to carry out pre-feasibility studies, helping the customer to evaluate the investment not only from a technical standpoint, but also in economic and financial terms. A service directed at both private and public administrations, to allow a business idea to be planned

and implemented in line with the customer’s expectations. SEBIGAS also provides support with the process of authorization for the plant, working alongside the customer and its consultants in relation with the competent authorities to acquire the necessary authorization.

To respond to the demands of an evolving sector, SEBIGAS offers its services as a technical partner for developers and investors, helping to authorise and construct with high guaranteed profitability.

project development
sebigas project development