Biogas plants from OFMSW

Installing a biogas or biomethane plant fed with the OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) represents a sustainable investment for the complete and circular recovery of a huge amounts of waste from households or channels such as large retail organizations and Ho.Re.Ca. Anaerobic digestion technology enables the management of substrates that are not homogeneous and rich of impurities.

OFMSW biogas

OFMSW plant to valorize the supply chain

To install a high-performance biogas plant from OFMSW it is necessary to consider that it is a heterogeneous feed matrix rich in impurities. For this reason, the technologies implemented by SEBIGAS ensure the implementation of specific pretreatments and post-treatments to maximise energy production and avoid altering the performance of anaerobic digestion.

Using OFMSW as a feedstock for a biogas plant is a conscious choice, which allows the creation of a supply chain and a capillary organisation for correct waste management and valorisation. A careful analysis of the composition and characterisation of the FORSU allows SEBIGAS to choose the best reactor for the customer between CSTR and PFR.

OFMSW biogas plants

Environmental advantages

OFMSW treatment in the anaerobic digestion allows to recover high volumes of waste, alternatively dispatched to landfills or incineration. Anaerobic digestion is a technological solution that assumes the implementation of appropriate treatments to ensure the environ-mental sustainability of the plant and the management of biomass according to regulatory standards. The liquid fraction of digestate, in fact, can be discharged into surface 

water bodies after the application of biological treatments such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and evaporation. The separated solid fraction, on the other hand, is sent to the bioxidation process for final use as a mixed composted soil improver in agriculture or packaging. With specific arrangements, the plant ensures lower odor emissions and optimal leachate management.

biogas plant FORSU sorting
ofmsw biomass

Economic advantages

impianto forsu

The production of electricity, thermal or biomethane energy is a constant source of income for the customer. Injected to the national grid or reused for self-consumption, it is a vehicle for reducing related supply costs.

It also eliminates the cost of disposing of the OFMSW, enhancing its value in a sustainable and circular process. Anaerobic digestion is an opportunity to create a profitable and competitive supply chain.


Location: Sarmato (PC)

Year of installation: 2019

Feeding: 50.000 t/y OFMSW and 5.000 t/y green waste from public spaces

Biomethane production: 5.100.000 Sm³/y

Compost production:  10.000 t/y

Liquid effluent into surface water bodies: 36.000 m³/y