CSTR – Continuous Flow Stirred Tank Reactor

CSTR applications

The CSTR (Continuous-Flow Stirred Tank Reactor) is a technological solution that requires a continuous flow of fresh biomass. The biomass fed into the reactor is constantly mixed to ensure a perfect homogenization. In the CSTR, the anaerobic digestion process takes place at controlled temperatures and for dry matter contents below 10 percent. The retention time is variable and depends on the types of biomasses used to feed the plant.

CSTR technology

How does CSTR technology works

Solid and liquid biomasses are loaded through a pre-tank or loader into the digesters, circular tanks made of concrete or steel.

The digesters are equipped with slow and fast mixers, whose operation is optimized to ensure a perfect homogenization of the digestant in the tank and prevent crust and sediment formation.

A sailing or gasometer cover is installed to cover the digesters, which ensures the storage of a sufficient volume of produced biogas.

cstr reattore
cstr advantages

Technology advantage:

From an engineering and process engineering point of view, the reactor has numerous advantages. In addition to being a flexible technology, it allows technical measures to be implemented in order to maximise energy production::

  • It is suitable for feeding the plant with BIOMASS WITH A COMPLEX DIGESTION;
  • Provides the possibility to implement CO-DIGESTION with a varied recipe;
  • It has a EHIGH BUFFERING CAPACITY for pH variation.