The TICA Group is an international Group founded in 1991 in Nanjing, China, with a worldwide presence thanks to its 10 factories located in China, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Brazil and a network of over 70 branch offices.

The Group is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service in environment cleaning and thermal energy utilization and represents today one of the top 4 brands in HVAC in China and in the Asian market.

In the energy sector TICA is active since 2015 when TICA and United Technology Corporation (UTC) struck a global strategic JV agreement. As an element of this agreement, TICA purchased the PureCycle ORC power system series from UTC’s company Pratt & Whitney and acquired more than 100 patents and copyrights.


In 2016, a dedicated company, TICA Thermal was established for ORC business development.

In 2019 TICA acquired the Italian company EXERGY, leader in the ORC market, from the Maccaferri Industrial Group.

In June 2020, following this path of strategic investment in the renewable energy sector, the TICA Group acquired SEBIGAS from the same Maccaferri Group.

In March 2022, TICA Thermal renames its TICA Energy focus on the green energy utilization of Geothermal (Hot-Dry-Rock), Industrial Waste Heat, Biogas and biomethane production, Concentrated Solar Power, LNG cold power and energy storage.


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