SEBIGAS team supports the client in all the different phases of the project realization, from the initial phase of project development, to the engineering and construction services to the final O&M services once the plant is in operation.


Customized services for
project development, engineering e
construction, o & m and
consulting biological



Project Development Services

SEBIGAS supports the customer in the initial and fundamental phases of the investment, from the feasibility study to the bureaucratic procedures, from the environmental evaluation to the investors searching, for an optimal issue of the project.


Feasibility study

SEBIGAS proposes feasibility studies to support the customer in the investment evaluation from the technical, environmental, economic and politic point of view to have a complete overview of every elements.


Support to permission

SEBIGAS follows the customer in the authorizations phases of the plant, from the environmental impact evaluation to the connection to the grid.


Project financing

SEBIGAS assists the client in finding financing and incentives thanks to the channels and the economic and financial stability of the Maccaferri Group.

Biological Services

To cure the biology, heart of each biogas plant, SEBIGAS invests in the selection of its biologists, in the continuous training and collaboration with universities and offers the following biological services.

Analisi substrati

New substrates analysis

SEBIGAS provides to its clients biological tests on new biomass to know the exact yield of biogas, the methane content, the percentage of dry matter and organic matter and to predict any criticality in the biological process.


Check-up and biological assistance

SEBIGAS stands by the side of each customer to evaluate the best management decisions from the biological point of view and therefore minimizing costs by checking the goodness of material storage, adapting the plant alimentation, controlling the digestion process and the goodness of mixing, analysing in laboratory substrates, digestant and digestate.


Engineering and Constructions Services

SEBIGAS offers the best solutions to the multiple and specific needs of each reality and it is on the market as both EPC contractor and Technology provider.


EPC – Engineering Procurement Construction

SEBGAS proposes an EPC service for the realization of turn-key biogas plants.

Technology provider

Technology provider

SEBIGAS supports the customer and the local partners through the supply of technology and engineering for the construction of biogas plants.

Technology provider

Existing facilities revamping

SEBIGAS performs revamping of existing installations to improve its performance in cogeneration or to install an upgrading system for the production of biomethane.

digestore erba


O&M - Services

SEBIGAS is the most reliable partner for after-sales services with the experience gained through the run of 18 plants owned by itself.


Elettro-mechanical maintenance

Through preventive and corrective maintenance and with the flexibility of on-demand performance or full service, SEBIGAS intervenes with at 360 degrees on the plant, from the electrical assistance to mechanical one, from the maintenance to the cogeneration to complete check-up.


Spare parts service

Thanks to a large warehouse, SEBIGAS is able to meet the customer's demands for what concerns the replacement of equipment or parts of them.

Conduzione impianti

Plant operation

Sebigas, strong in the management of biogas plants, can offer a complete service to run the plant.


Operator training

In case of autonomous management of the plant by the customer, SEBIGAS can provide a course of conduction including both technical and biological aspects.

Biological Services


Customized micronutrients sale

SEBIGAS offers the series of oligoelements SEBI SOLUTIONS the wording of which reflects the specific biological needs of each plant in order to improve, for example, the stabilization of decomposition processes, the efficiency of methane production, the activation of the sulphurising bacteria or the speed in biological restart phase.


Remote data collection and analysis

Thanks to the software of our conception, the facilities are monitored remotely by a management simple and effective at all times and in all places.

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