SEBIGAS offers a system of integrated services, ensuring the customer receives practical support at every stage of the design, construction and operation of an anaerobic digestion system. From the feasibility study to the design, from the preparation of a tailor-made mass balance to help with the authorisation process, from the preliminary engineering work to the overall construction, and from a support service to the management (O&M) of the plant.

Project developement  

With the support of TICA group, SEBIGAS helps its customers in their search for financing, drawing up pre-feasibility studies to support the business plan for their initiatives, and providing a prompt analysis of the return on investment for every project

SEBIGAS also uses the services of experts to carry out pre-feasibility studies, supporting both private and public administrations, to allow a business idea to be planned and implemented in line with the customer’s expectations.

SEBIGAS also provides support with the process of authorization for the plant, working alongside the customer and its consultants in relations with the competent authorities, to acquire the necessary authorizations.

Research & Development 

For SEBIGAS, the desire to develop better solutions is the driver behind its constant research and development work.

To guarantee high performance for its customers, and to give them a real opportunity to make their businesses circular, sustainable and profitable, SEBIGAS researches and selects cutting-edge processes and technologies, and constantly upgrades the standards it uses.

Operation & Maintenance 

SEBIGAS supports operators with training to manage the plant, and its staff are always on hand to offer service and assistance, both at the plant itself and online, using the proprietary software with which the plant is equipped.

The SCADA system, with its intuitive interface and efficient data trending features, plays a central role in ensuring robust, effective and timely process management.

Engineering and construction

SEBIGAS offers integrated solutions, to develop engineering projects that suit the customer’s needs and ensure the expected levels of performance.

It also acts as a technology provider, giving constant support in supplying the technology and engineering required for constructing the biogas plant.

SEBIGAS manages the entire construction process in a reliable and expert way, offering an EPC – Engineering Procurement Construction – service for turnkey delivery of the project.

SEBIGAS also offers a revamping and repowering service for existing biogas plants.  After a careful, in-depth assessment of the system in operation, SEBIGAS puts forward the best solution for maximising its performance and extending its useful life.

Biological service 

SEBIGAS has its on-site laboratory and offers a specialist biological service to monitor the well-being of the anaerobic environment and the continuing production of biogas. It is very important to monitor the biological efficacy of the biomasses, in order to control the operating costs of the plant and to produce revenues in line with expected performances.

SEBIGAS will act as a consultant before, during and after the construction of the plant, offering a customised biological service based on the particular characteristics of the plant.

Our services include: 

  • BMP Test & Theoretical methane yield
  • Continuous testing
  • Plant remote monitoring
  • Consulting service to assess and improve the plant performances
  • On-site visits and sampling for fos-tac, ph and temperature control analysis
  • Laboratory tests of the digestant