The acquisition of the company by TICA Corporation has been formalized. Thanks to a robust industrial plan and its expertise in biogas, Sebigas is set to be a competitive international player in the sustainable energy sector.

  • Already 80 plants in operation all over the world
  • The strategic plan includes the growth of the portfolio in the industrial (+ 30%) and waste (+ 30%) sectors, keeping 40% in the agricultural market, and the acquisition or participation in strategic assets in the generation of biomethane
  • A recruiting procress has already begun with the aims to double the team by the end of 2021

Olgiate Olona, 2 November 2020 – Sebigas, a leading provider in the biogas sector and one of the main suppliers of biogas plants, officially joins the TICA group, an international corporation with a turnover of 900 million USD (2019), about 3000 employees, 10 production plants in the world and 70 branch offices.

10 months after the acquisition of EXERGY, this is the second green deal of TICA Group in partnership with Nanjing Golden Eagle Group, one of the most important Chinese investment holding company active in the retail business, hospitality industry as well as real estate development with a total gross of sales proceeds HKD 18 billion. Golden Eagle and TICA were moved in their joint investment by their shared vision to actively contributing to the transition of the world economies towards a sustainable and carbon neutral future.

Thanks to this important acquisition, Sebigas, which already has 80 plants around the world with a total capacity of close 100 MWe and a track record of over 8,600 hours of operation per year, will be able to have further international outreach.

In fact, TICA is present in China, where its headquarters is located, and also in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Brazil and Europe. On the other hand, the TICA group, with the acquisition of Sebigas, strengthens its presence in the renewable energy market. The aim of the Group is becoming a global leader in the supply of environmentally sustainable technologies in the HVAC, heat recovery sector and renewables.

What convinced TICA in this investment was Sebigas’s capability to outrival in biogas sector where the heterogeneity of biomass is important. This specific skill will allow Sebigas to tackle very different markets worldwide. In addition, Sebigas boasts significant expertise in technologies and construction of integrated plants for the treatment and management of the organic fraction of waste for energy purposes.

By leveraging the synergies and different technical skills, the TICA group, with the Italian companies Exergy and Sebigas, will be able to present itself as a strong and very competitive operator in the global market and contribute with its own solutions to the production of sustainable energy based on the reuse of secondary materials and waste from industrial , agricultural and municipal fields. This is one of the increasingly urgent objectives shared by governments, the scientific community and associations involved in the fight against climate change.

“The completion of the acquisition of Sebigas by the international TICA group represents an important recognition of the technological value of an Italian brand that has developed over the years in national and international markets – says Roberto Salmaso, General Manager Sebigas. In particular, it conveys a tangible trust in a team that is highly trained and eager to face the new global and competitive challenges of the biogas and biomethane market with the right tools. We relaunch in the market with the awareness of having represented and still being a reliable point of reference for all stakeholders of the industrial and agricultural sectors and thanks to this acquisition Sebigas is back among the main players in the sector. “

Sebigas therefore restarts with an ambitious 3 and 5-year strategic business plan to cope with the market dynamics – in fact, it will move towards a more balanced portfolio among the various sectors of application, from 80% agricultural, 10% industrial, 10% waste to a 40% agricultural, 30% industrial and 30% waste. The company growth strategy also includes interest for the acquisition or participation in strategic assets in the generation of biomethane from by-products and waste. These areas are nowadays in strong growth thanks to incentive policies.

Incentives, Green New Deal and Sustainable Development Goals 2030 – The role of Biogas

An industrial plan that aims to make Sebigas an important player in the circular economy – which will have more and more weight in the global economic development strategy – able to develop standardized solutions for important markets such as China and the USA in the livestock farming and waste sectors and expand into the Far East market thanks to commercial synergies with TICA and Exergy International.

Generating sustainable electricity is the first and most important goal of the Green New Deal, being today the energy sector responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

The energy and environmental issue is now at the centre of the economic development and political agendas and Asian countries continue to accelerate investments in research and innovation in the green energy sector. Globally, investments in the renewable energy sector are over $ 300 billion dollars and Asia alone accounts for about 60% of global investments, far exceeding Europe and the Americas. In this direction, potential customers are requested to find a sustainable use for their waste.

All staff confirmed and new positions opened

Sebigas keeps its headquarters in Italy in Olgiate Olona in the province of Varese, as well as its General Manager leading the team.

The business development plan also requires a growth of the team with technical figures in the field of biological processes, electrical engineering, automation and proposals.

The recruiting process will lead the existing structure to more than double its workforce by the end of 2021

Sebigas is active in the design, supply and management of biogas plants all over the world. With a portfolio of over 80 plants in sizes from 100 kW to 3 MW with a track record of over 8600 hours per year of operation at maximum power Sebigas is a reliable partner, with consolidated experience in the treatment of different biomasses. Sebigas is able to provide customized systems designed on the customer’s needs to ensure optimal and continuous operation. From its headquarters in Italy, Sebigas operates all over the world thanks to its participation in the international TICA group.

Founded in 1991, the TICA Group is a leader in the supply of integrated systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and for thermal energy utilization. With 10 production plants, 5 research centres, 70 commercial offices in all major markets worldwide and around 3000 employees, TICA is today one of the top four brands in the HVAC market in China and an important global provider of sustainable technologies for environment.