Sebigas exhibiting at Energy Forum Solution in Brussels

Sebigas exhibiting at Energy Forum Solution in Brussels

03 April 2024 – Olgiate Olona, Sebigas is thrilled to announce that will be exhibiting at the upcoming Energy Solutions Forum organized by CEPI.

The pulp and paper industry has already made significant progress on the path to decarbonisation by reducing very effectively its carbon emissions by 28% from 2005 to date. The industry is the largest industrial generator and user of renewable energy. 60% of the industry’s total primary annual energy consumption is biomass-based. Nevertheless, a significant share of carbon emissions is primarily caused by fossil fuel combustion. The industry can and will contribute to reaching the 2030 goal: this requires emission reduction in our production processes by the implementation of both energy-efficint technologies and carbon-neutral energy sources.

We are eager to present how to integrate an anMBBR digester into an existing WWTP plant, presenting a real case study.

We wait for you on 17th April 2024 at Event Lounge, Bd Général Wahis, Brussels.

Meet our Sales Manager Europe Alberto Pirosu and discover how SEBIGAS is shaping the future of sustainability in the paper and pulp industry

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