Sebigas speech in Waste Expo in Las Vegas

Sebigas speech in Waste Expo in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, 9th May – Sebigas is within the most leading companies at WasteExpo conference program. An international event to present a case study and demonstrate the importance and benefits of food waste management.

The fair trade

WasteExpo is a leading event in North America which delivers the latest innovations to the solid waste industry.
Private sectors professionals, small, medium or large public sector waste management companies, organics management, food waste management companies, manufacturers and suppliers are the main key players in such a great and international event.

The conference

WasteExpo, where technology and innovation will be the underlying themes, will host a dense conference program that dives deep into recycling/landfill, fleet management/collection, organics, safety and food recovery.

What will Sebigas present at WasteExpo?

On Tuesday 10th May, Sebigas will arrange a speech focused on a case study related to the theme “Organics from MSW: Processing Options and Case Studies”.
Sebigas Sales & Marketing Manager Andrea Baldini will guide you through an interesting case study to exploit anaerobic digestion performances.


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Sebigas speech in Las Vegas

Sebigas presentation will focus on RNG production and CO2 reduction from MSW treatment with anaerobic digestion.
By describing a plant in operation, Sebigas will demonstrate that a biogas plant can be an undeniable advantage for the company itself, but also for the environment and the society.
Treating food waste with anaerobic digestion not only solves disposal issues, but also transforms waste into an opportunity: considering that the USA have a waste production of around 292 million tons, exploiting biogas and biomethane potential is an immediate and available solution for such a huge amount of waste.
Through a deep description of a case study, Sebigas will demonstrate that green energy production, solid and liquid digestate treatment and uses, create a circular loop and valuable resources for the society.

Visit us at WasteExpo in Las Vegas and let your company discover biogas and biomethane potential.

If you want to attend the conference, visit us in the conference session in Room W219, from 8.30 am to 10.15 am – 10th May 2022.

For any further information, or if you want to schedule a meeting, email us at!